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History and criticism of interiors and furniture 2A ( 6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL)



Caulfield First semester 2006 (OCL)

Synopsis: The development of furniture and interiors in various epochs, ranging from Egypt to postmodernism, with frequent references to non-European cultures. Comparisons are made between such developments and the other arts, including literature and music.

Objectives: On successful completion of this unit, students will: 1.have a sound knowledge of key epochs of interior design and furniture; 2.appreciate and express lucidly and imaginatively the historical correspondences between the styles of furniture and architecture generally; 3.appreciate historical correspondences between the styles of interiors and other art forms-such as sculpture and painting-with insight and discernment; 4.possess critical opinions and inspirational insights concerning the aesthetic, symbolic and functional merits of historical exemplars; able to identify or conjecture the social values that interiors and furniture have represented, and discuss the systems of authority to which they belonged; 6.have a readiness to combine imaginative responses concerning the character of spaces and pieces of furniture with historical knowledge and learned opinion about them; 7.appreciate, and have opinions about, heritage issues and relate such opinions in a systematic ethical argument.

Assessment: Take home test 10% + Seminar Paper 2000 words 30% + Essay 3000 words 60%

Contact Hours: 3 hours lecture/tutorial contact and 9 independent study hours per week

Prerequisites: TAD1101, TAD1102

Prohibitions: TAD2213