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Minor sculpture/woodcraft 3 ( 6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL)



Gippsland Second semester 2006 (Day)

Synopsis: Through the continuing provision of knowledge from historical references, students will undertake a fundamental analysis of the work of `installation' artists and will attempt to produce work within this format (on a limited scale - indoors/outdoors) documentation techniques will be examined with consideration to recording work in an in/outdoor environment. Health and safety awareness will be encouraged at all times within the studio environment.

Objectives: By completion of this unit students are expected to have developed a recognition of the work of various installation artists and the problems associated within the genre of work; fundamental skills in the conception and production of installation work in an indoor or outdoor environment of a limited scale.

Assessment: Attendance and participation: 30% + Folio submission: 70%

Contact Hours: 12 hours per week, including 4 studio hours and 8 independent study hours

Prerequisites: GVA2422