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Major project (design) part 2 ( 18 points, SCA Band 1, 0.375 EFTSL)


Leader: Jenny Allen

Caulfield Second semester 2006 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit is the second part of the major project sequence for the honours course, where students are expected to continue with the research initiated in DGN4001, and develop a time frame which details the final visual presentation in consultation with a supervisor and the course coordinator.

Objectives: On successful completion of this unit, students should: able to develop and refine their design project from the conceptual stage undertaken in DGN4001 Major Project (Design) Part 1 through to a visual presentation which demonstrates a very high level of capability; 2.demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the discipline and its professional practices, with particular reference to the social, cultural and aesthetic aspects of their investigation; 3.have a high level of knowledge of the contemporary discourse in design and visual communication and to be able to position their work relative to it; able to debate and/or defend their practice in an informed critical appraisal; 5.demonstrate they have cultivated high ambitions to perfect their practice of design.

Assessment: Mid-semester portfolio: 20% + Final portfolio: 80%

Contact Hours: 6 formal studio hours and 30 hours of independent study per week

Prerequisites: DGN4001