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From Film Theory to Video Practice (12 points)


Leader: David Hanan

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This 12 point unit is designed to build on existing theoretical, critical and historical units in Film and TV. It culminates in groups of students producing videos as part of their assessment, and it focuses on students acquiring the skills necessary to do so, including script development. Time is devoted to looking at a range of videos/short films in order to think through a production's rationale and theoretical relevance. Students are expected to attain a competence in most of aspects of video filming using digital video cameras and supplementary sound systems and lights, and to develop a proficiency in editing and sound mixing using new computer-based digital video-editing software.

Assessment: An equipment proficiency test focusing on expertise in cameras and sound, together with a video editing and sound mixing exercise: 25% An individually produced short script and/or story board for a proposed production, with notes on formal stratagems and style, and including annotations relevant to film theory (2250 words): 25% Two class presentations, one (a) on either a short film or a feature film, indicating its theoretical and practical relevance to one of the student's own forthcoming projects or general thinking about film; the other (b) giving an exposition of a technical feature currently being studied. (a) 900 words and (b) 450 words: (a) 10%; (b) 5% Assessment of the role a student plays in their group's final production. This includes each student submitting a report on the production, and her/ his role in it (900 words): 35%

Contact Hours: 5 hours

Prerequisites: VSA2190 (or 3190) Forms of Narrative Cinema

Corequisites: VSA2190 (or 3190) Forms of Narrative Cinema

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