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Remaking Film (6 points)


Leader: Con Verevis and Deane Williams

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: From its very beginnings, the cinema has endlessly repeated and remade the same stories. This unit begins with the understanding that texts are not closed and self contained structures but are the repetition and transformation of other textual structures. Conceived in this way, film remaking becomes a particular, institutionalised instance of a type of quotation effect that exists in and for every film text. This unit broadly explores the idea of cinematic remaking - as intertextuality, quotation, literary and visual texts. More specifically, the film remake will be related to technologies and institutional practices which characterise film and the history of cinema.

Assessment: Visual test (1.5 hours): 40% + Essay (3000 words): 60%

Contact Hours: 4 hours (1 hour lecture, 1 hour tutorial and 2 hour screening) per week

Prerequisites: One unit at first-year level in Visual Culture, or Comparitive Literature and Cultural Studies, or English

Prohibitions: VSA3050

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