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Graphic design studio 3 (6 points)


Leader: To be advised

Caulfield First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit deals with design methodology, concept development and resolution of problems in two and three-dimensional design. Projects provide opportunities for students to develop and understand the context that informs their work. Students consider the relationship between form and communication. Design issues, critical theory and history are explored in relation to assigned projects. During this time students will explore and experiment with design techniques and processes relevant to current assignments.

Assessment: Major projects: 80%. Minor projects: 20%

Contact Hours: 6 points + 12 hours per week, including; 4 studio hours and 8 independent study hours per week + First semester, Caulfield + Prerequisites: VCO1104 and OHS1000 + Prohibitions: VCO2103

Prerequisites: VCO1104 and OHS1000

Prohibitions: VCO2103

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