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Exploration and Immigration in the Cultural Imagery (12 points)


Leader: Kate Rigby and Annette van den Bosch

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: This unit examines the role of exploration and immigration in the European colonisation of the South Pacific, especially Australia and New Zealand, through the analysis and interpretation of a wide variety of written and visual texts and artefacts. The approach is multidisciplinary and intercultural, addressing the impact of exploration and immigration on indigenous peoples and their lands, colonial cultural identities and on European modernism. In particular, indigenous, colonial and modernist understandings of time and space, land and gender will be studied from post-modern, feminist and ecocritical perspectives.

Assessment: Seminar paper (3000 words): 30% + Visual analysis test (1500 words): 20% + Research essay (4500 words): 50%

Contact Hours: Three hour seminar per week

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