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Reforming Theologies: Reforming Societies (6 points)


Leader: I Naumann and P Howard

Clayton Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Reform has been a constant, but one with many meanings, in the institutional life of the Christian Church. Students will be introduced to the idea of reform and its diverse meanings as the interaction of institutional, social, political and intellectual circumstances at different moments of the Church’s history from the medieval and reformation periods (both Catholic and Protestant) to the twentieth century, encompassing the ecumenical movement, Vatican II, liberation and eco-feminist theologies. Particular attention will be placed on the way in which theology has acted at different times as a motor for social, political and intellectual reform.

Assessment: One short essay (1000 words): 25% + Examination (1000 words): 25% + Research presentation and essay (2500 words): 50% Students taking the subject at Level 3 will be expected to demonstrate more sophisticated analytical skills and submit work incorporating a higher level of competence in independent reading and research.

Contact Hours: 2 hours per week for 13 weeks

Prerequisites: RLT Major

Prohibitions: RLT3160

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