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Radiographic imaging and methods 3 (7 points)


Leader: Associate Professor Marilyn Baird

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Paediatric radiography, accident and emergency radiography and mobile imaging. Foreign body localisation. Barium studies of the gastrointestinal tract. Sialography. Intravenous, post-operative cholangiopancreatography. Ascending and exretion urography, micturating cystourethrography, urethrography and retrograde pyeloureterography. Mobile x-ray generators and consoles, body section imaging including panatomography, image intensification, coupling optics and video imaging, viewing and recording the fluoroscopic image, cine and spot film cameras, hard copy devices and quality assurance.

Assessment: One written examination (three hours): 60% + SOLAR reports: 40%

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