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Labour Market Analysis and Career Planning (12 points)


Leader: Dr Janne Skinner

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: This unit provides students with a critical understanding of the changing Australian labour market. This unit will (a) develop students' understanding of the processes of professional job markets; (b) critically engage students in the generalist/specialist debates in education and labour market circles; (c) develop students' ability to analyse labour markets (including current and future changes) to identity skill requirements and career potential; (d) provide students with practical instruction in a number of labour market related activities such as resume preparation, job search and interview skills; and (e) develop and extend students' career-management skills and capacities.

Assessment: Skills interpretation exercise ( equivalent to 3,000 words): 30% + Career potential and management plan (including CV) (equivalent to 1,500 words): 20% + Research project (4,500 words): 50%

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