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Work in Context (12 points)


Leader: Dr Janne Skinner

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: This unit will examine a broad range of issues raised by transformations in the forms and practices of work from a range of differing theoretical and disciplinary perspectives. Students will explore the direct and indirect impacts of these changes on the nature of work in the contemporary labour market with a focus on developing strategic responses, including the impact of technological change on work and workers, the changing nature of the organisation and processes of production and the impact this has on workplace skill requirements, the growth of alternatives to full-time paid employment, and the rise of precarious employment and the impact this has on job security.

Assessment: Oral presentation (equivalent to 1,500 words when written up for submission): 20% + Interpretive exercise (3,000 words): 30% + Research project (4,500 words): 50%

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