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Ministers, Minders and Bureaucrats (6 points)


Leader: Jennifer Curtin

Caulfield First semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: The unit looks at policy as a concept and analyses the complexities involved in the formulation and implementation of public policy at the federal and state level. Particular attention will be paid to the role of key players and the influence these individuals, groups and institutions can have on the policy making process in Australia. Ideas of accountability, responsibility and ethics will also be explored.

Assessment: Tutorial presentation: 10% + Essay (2000 words): 40% + Examination (2000 words, 2 hours): 50%

Contact Hours: 2 hours (1 hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial) per week

Prerequisites: any two of the following first-year units in Politics - PLT1020, PLT1031, PLT1040, PLT1050, PLT1070, PLT1120 or permission

Prohibitions: PLT3270

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