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Functional materials (4 points)



Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Within this unit, the 'smart' functional roles of the materials in selected modern devices will be examined. The unit will focus on devices such as active semiconducting devices and associated passive electrical components, 'smart' transducers, optical fibres, optical coatings, liquid crystal displays, optical storage devices, the ruby laser, the solar cell, ceramic insulators and the Peltier cooler. In each application example, the important electrical, thermal and/or optical properties of the key functional material will be studied at the microscopic in order to gain an understanding of the device operation.

Assessment: Examination (3 hours): 75% + Two written assignments: 15% + Written report on industrial visit: 10%

Contact Hours: 3 hours/week of lectures/tutorials and directed learning, 4 hours/week private study

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