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Multimedia interfaces (6 points)


Leader: A/P Kathy Blashki

Caulfield First semester 2004 (Day)
Caulfield Second semester 2004 (Day)
Caulfield Second semester 2004 (Evening)

Synopsis: Two hours of lectures and two hours of tutorials per week.The lectures will combine both practical and theoretical content. The theoretical lectures will focus on the physiological, psychological and sociological issues involved in computer system design and use. They will support the knowledge and understanding objectives of the subject. They are complemented by practical content which will demonstrate positive and negative aspects of contemporary computer multimedia system interfaces. Tutorials will provide a context for practical exploration of the issues raised in the lectures and support the skills and attitudes objectives of the subject.

Assessment: The assessment comprises of two major components: Two assignments and a research paper. The assignments will contribute 25% towards the final result and will be graded using a mark expressed as a percentage. A major research topic on an area of the student's choice (with approval from the unit adviser) will constitute 75% of the final grade.

Contact Hours: The student workload requirement is 12 hours per week for 13 weeks. Students will attend 2 hours of lectures and one 2 hour tutorial session per week. Students are expected to spend 8 hours per week on individual study and assessment work beyond these normal class hours.

Prerequisites: MMS9402 (non Masters of Multimedia students)

Corequisites: MMS9402 (Master of Multimedia students)

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