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Studio project 3A (6 points)


Leader: Lindsay Smith

Berwick First semester 2004 (Day)
Berwick Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: The principal development process focus of the unit will be on the social, legal and business context in which multimedia developers and development companies must operate. As with all studio units, students will undertake a mixture of formal lectures and seminars, tutorials and laboratory sessions, demonstrations and studio work. They will be required to undertake project development work, both by themselves and in groups.Students will work in teams on the development of an application/ exhibition for a client who may be either internal or external to Monash.

Assessment: Team assessment: 60%In order to pass, the team must produce a prototype of the negotiated software product, presentation or system, all identified deliverables, and perform project management activities to ensure all deliverables are completed on time. The team will give two seminar presentations, the first describing the planned item and the second demonstrating the prototype. The delivered prototype will be evaluated by a panel of assessors (where possible and appropriate, drawn from both academia and industry). The assessment panel will assign a grade for this component of the task.Individual assessment: 40%Individual assessment will be based on a combination of attendance, personal logs with self-evaluation and peer review.

Contact Hours: 4 Hours per week studio, 8 hours per week self-directed study.

Prerequisites: This unit is only available to students of the Bachelor of Multimedia, Bachelor of Multimedia Computing and Bachelor of Multimedia Business and Computing who have completed all their second level core units.

Corequisites: NA

Prohibitions: IMS3404, MMS3404

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