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Creating narrative in multimedia (6 points)


Leader: Ass/Professor Kathy Blashki

Berwick First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This subject will teach students the importance of narrative structure to the successful development of a multimedia system, and introduce them to the techniques of narrative construction which are used to achieve particular narrative effects. Students will learn the varied forms of narrative structure and the main techniques of narrative construction which are used in different media.

Assessment: Music Video Narrative (25%) Major Project: (75%) Students will be required to complete a music video narrative and trace the development of the narrative structure in a music video from the beginning to its end. The second assignment consists of a major project task synthesizing both the requisite theoretical concepts and the practical applications for completion of this subject by selecting a myth, legend or fairy tale derived from any culture chosen by the student.

Contact Hours: Teaching will comprise two hours of lectures and two hours of seminars per week

Prerequisites: MMS2401

Prohibitions: IMS3403

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