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Multimedia studio 1A (6 points)


Leader: Pauline Koppel

Berwick First semester 2003 (Day)
Berwick First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit aims to enhance the students' understanding of the multimedia development process, to give them a hands-on understanding of the techniques, tools and products used in internet web site design, and to give them practical experience in the development of a web site.The principal focus in this unit will be on the use of web authoring tools, advanced graphics and sound for the internet, and the management and control of the web site development process.Students will undertake a mixture of formal lectures and seminars, tutorials and laboratory sessions, demonstrations and studio work. They will be required to undertake project development work, both by themselves and in groups.

Assessment: Practical Assignments and Project Work: 100% Practical assignment and project work will aim to produce web sites and multimedia related products or components which will be done both individually and in groups. Individual components will aim to assess the student's competence in the practical use of multimedia web tools and techniques (knowledge, understanding and skill objectives), and group components will be used to assess their ability to work collaboratively (knowledge and attitude objectives).

Contact Hours: On campus : 4 hours studio, 8 hours self-directed reading, preparation, and research.

Prerequisites: Multimedia Studio 1A is only available to the Bachelor of Multimedia students.

Corequisites: MMS1402

Prohibitions: IMS1404, IMS1401

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