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Research thesis (6 points)


Leader: Dr Gavin Sullivan

Caulfield First semester 2003 (OCL)
Caulfield First semester 2004 (OCL)

Synopsis: Students will complete a literature review and research thesis on a topic that will provide a significant contribution to the knowledge and/or practice of health psychology. The research process will be completed over five semesters. A literature review will be completed during the second semester of year 2; the research proposal and ethics committee approval will be obtained by the end of semester 1 year 3; data collection will be completed by the beginning of year 4; data analysis will be completed by the end of semester 1 year 4; and the completed thesis will be submitted at the end of year 4.

Assessment: Written and oral research proposal: hurdle requirement + Ethics application: hurdle requirement + Four progress reports: hurdle requirement + Literature review (4-5000 words): 30% + Research thesis (5-7000 words): 70%

Off-campus attendance requirements: Five-day residential school

Prerequisites: MHP5011, MHP5021, MHP5032, MHP5042, MHP5051, MHP5061, MHP5072

Corequisites: MHP5081

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