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Leadership and philosophy (6 points)


Leader: Dr James Moulder

Caulfield Summer 2003 (On-campus)
Caulfield W 2003 (On-campus)
Caulfield Summer 2004 (On-campus)

Synopsis: This unit is an introduction to how Plato, Confucius, Buddha, Smith, Kant and Marx have shaped the way we think about what we can know and how we ought to live. More specifically, it focuses on the similarities and differences between some of the ideas advanced by: Plato and Peter Senge (mental models); Confucius and Stephen Robbins (organisational culture); Buddha and Peter Drucker (managing oneself); Adam Smith and George Soros (the capitalist threat); Immanuel Kant and Albert Carr (business ethics); Karl Marx and Abraham Maslow (the hierarchy of needs).

Assessment: Two assignments: 50% each

Contact Hours: 39 contact hours

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