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Entrepreneurship and venture capital (6 points)


Leader: Dr Denis Kiellerup

Caulfield Summer 2003 (On-campus)
Caulfield W 2003 (On-campus)
Caulfield Summer 2004 (On-campus)
Caulfield W 2004 (On-campus)

Synopsis: Understanding business principles, and having the data and the will to adapt to the ever changing business environment are crucial for successful business creation and development. The principles and elements of entrepreneurship, finance procurement for new ventres and elements of business planning are integrated into a comprehensive mosaic that will allow students to explore these principles and apply them in a personal and practical way to business creation and business development.

Assessment: Individual case study: 20% + Group case study: 35% + Examination: 40% + Class participation: 5%

Contact Hours: 39 contact hours

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