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Comparative competition law (6 points)


Leader: Alison Jones, King's College London

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: Substantive provisions of EC and UK competition law. Rules applying to restrictive agreements (vertical and horizontal), dominant undertakings and mergers. Rules and approaches of EC and UK authorities respectively. Relationship between EC and UK competition law. Introductory session on competition law and market definition. The main EC and UK competition law provisions. Article 81 and Article 82 of the EC Treaty and the UK's Competition Act 1998 and Fair Trading Act 1973. How these rules apply to vertical restraints, cartels and oligopoly situations, pricing practices and behaviour such as refusal to supply. The UK and EC rules governing mergers.

Assessment: Supervised two hour examination (70%) and written assignment (30%) (2,500 words

Contact Hours: 24 hours over 5 days

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