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International humanitarian law (6 points)


Leader: Ms Julie Debeljak

City Second semester 2003 (Off-campus)
City Second semester 2004 (Off-campus)

Synopsis: International humanitarian law (IHL) essentially governs the law of armed conflict. Students will learn about the permissibility of armed conflict in international law, the way in which IHL regulates the conduct of armed conflict (eg indentification of lawful combatants, protection of civilians and combatants, permissible weaponry, obligations and rights of peace-keeping forces, legal and practical role of defence forces and humanitarian workers), the way in which IHL is enforced (international "war crimes" tribunals and domestic equivalents), and proposals for future enforcement, including proposals for the establishment of a Permanent International Criminal Court.

Assessment: Research assignment (3750 words): 50% + Class presentation: 10% + Take home examination (3000 words): 40%

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