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Elements of forensic medicine 700 (6 points)


Leader: Professor PL Waller

City First semester 2003 (Off-campus)
City First semester 2004 (Off-campus)

Synopsis: Medicine and science in the service of law, including the organisation of the medical profession. Biomedical forensic science. Scientific evidence and its collection at the scene of a crime. Forensic chemistry. Forensic photography. Firearm examination and tool marks. Fingerprint evidence. Forensic pathology. Forensic odontology and the identification of victims. Traffic medicine. The examination of victims of assault. DNA evidence in the courts. Prototypes of police investigation. The State Coroner's system. Forensic psychiatry and psychology and issues of criminal responsibility. Medico-legal reports in the courts.

Assessment: Two class tests (20 minutes): 10% each + Written research paper (2500-3500 words): 30% + Final examination (2 hours plus 30 minutes for reading and noting): 50%

Contact Hours: One 3-hour session per week

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