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International business transactions 406 (6 points)


Leader: Associate Professor Elizabeth Lanyon

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: The national and international laws applicable to international commercial transactions including the movement of goods, people, capital and services. The sale of goods and services from Australia to a foreign country (and the financing of such a contract of sale). The transfer of technology both from and to Australia through licensing and franchising. The establishment of Australian- owned means of production abroad through direct foreign investment and international joint ventures. Legal regimes and international treaties which regulate and impact upon international business transactions. The resolution of disputes which may occur in such transactions.

Assessment: Written assignment (3,500 words): 40% + Open book examination (1.5 hours plus 10 minutes reading/settling time): 60% OR Open book examination (2.5 hours plus 10 minutes reading/settling time): 100%

Contact Hours: Three hours of lectures per week

Prerequisites: LAW2100, LAW3400

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