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International human rights 406 (6 points)


Leader: Dr Sarah Joseph

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: Introduction to the basic relevant concepts of public international law. The concept of 'international human rights'. International enforcement machinery. The Human Rights Committee and relevant human rights Charter bodies. Specific human rights (including, inter alia, freedom from torture, the principle of non-discrimination; economic, social and cultural rights. Limitations to human rights (eg derogation in time of emergency, limitations due to reasons of public order, national security). The impact of international human rights law on the Australian domestic scene.

Assessment: Optional research paper (4,000 words): 50% + Supervised examination (1 hour plus 30 minutes reading/noting time): 50% OR Optional student placement, consisting of assessment by external supervisor (20%) + report of 2,000 words (30%): 50% + supervised examination (1 hour plus 30 minutes reading/noting time): 50% OR Supervised examination (2 hours plus 30 minutes reading/noting time): 100%

Contact Hours: Intensive

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