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Law, gender and feminism 406 (6 points)


Leader: Associate Professor Beth Gaze

Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Introduction to feminist legal theory which presents a fundamental challenge to existing knowledge about law by questioning 'taken for granted' assumptions about gender, gender roles and neutrality of legal knowledge and practice. Themes such as public/private distinction, ideas of neutrality or objectivity in law, concepts of equality, difference and discrimination, equal or different treatment of men and women, and differences within these categories provide a framework for analysis. Sex and sexuality, family relationships, women's economic dependence or independence, legal construction of gender and the critique of male-centred concepts of equality and human rights.

Assessment: Optional Research Paper (4,000 words): 50% AND Supervised Exam (1 hour + 30 minutes reading time): 50% OR Optional Research Paper (3,000 words): 40% AND Class presentation (10 minutes): 10% AND Supervised Exam (1 hour + 30 minutes reading time): 50% OR Supervised Exam (2 hours + 30 minutes reading time): 100%

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