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Skills, ethics and research D 403 (3 points)


Leader: Mr Matthew Groves

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit reinforces and builds upon, at a later year level, the legal research skills attained at first year level in the legal research component of Legal Process, and prepares students for legal research challenges in the workplace. The SER D unit adopts a flexible learning model, combining seminars with an InterLearnLEX Online Learning Environment. Topics covered include: the legal research process and search strategy, secondary sources (books, journal articles, government publications and web sites), case law, legislation, judicial consideration and alert services, foreign and international case law, international treaties and conventions, UK, EU and US law, and legal writing.

Assessment: Online assessment (worth 50%), completed using InterLearnLEX, comprising: written analytical piece on a designated activity (max. 1200 words; worth 30%) and WebCT review exercises (worth 20%); Either: completion of Legal Research Journal in InterLearnLEX OR Legal Research Methodology task completed as part of the optional Administrative Law research assignment with assignment Bibliography (max. 2000 words; worth 50%). There will also be a series of online activities, completed using InterLearnLEX, that form part of the online modules component of the course. Satisfactory completion of these activities is a course requirement.

Contact Hours: 2003/04 Summer Semester: Clayton (Intensive over 4 days). 2004 First Semester and Second Semester, aligned with LAW3101 Administrative Law Streams (One hour seminar per week plus online).

Prerequisites: LAW 1100

Corequisites: LAW 3101

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