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Torts 212 (12 points)


Leader: Mr Leighton Morris/Mr Dale Smith

Clayton Full year 2003 (Day)
Clayton Full year 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Introduction to the law of torts. Remedies. Perspective materials. Trespass to the person and the action on the case for damages for personal injury, nervous shock and mental distress. Torts to goods. Torts concerning land. Negligence (duty of care). Negligence (standard of care). Negligence (causation and remoteness of damage). negligence (particular duty situations). Negligence (defences,; contributory negligence, volenti non fit injuria and illegality). Vicarious liability and contribution between tortfeasors. Skills of a torts lawyer.

Assessment: First Semester: Mid-year examination (2 hours plus 10 minutes reading time): 50% OR Mid-year examination (1 hour plus 10 minutes reading time): 25% + Assignment (not more than 4000 words): 25% = 50% + Second Semester: Final examination (2.5 hours plus 10 minutes reading time): 100%

Contact Hours: Three hours of lectures per week and 1-hour tutorial per fortnight

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