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Interior architecture studio 4 (6 points)


Leader: To be advised

Caulfield Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit and IAR2113 are key units for developing the essence of interior architecture practice. In this unit, the focus is on extending and mastering the range of factors covered in IAR2113 to achieve high quality technical, historical, symbolic, aesthetic and social design solutions

Assessment: Major design project: 90%. Oral and written presentation: 10%

Contact Hours: 6 points + 12 hours per week, including 4 studio hours and 8 independent study hours per week + Second semester, Caulfield. Prerequisites: IAR2113 and IAR2302 and OHS1000

Prerequisites: IAR2113 and IAR2302 and OHS1000

Prohibitions: IAR2104

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