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The Past Around Us (12 points)


Leader: Seamus O'Hanlon

Clayton First semester 2003 (OCL)
Clayton First semester 2004 (OCL)

Synopsis: Unit introduces the various ways in which history is utilised to inform debates both inside and outside universities, in schools, and in the general community. It introduces the importance of history in current political and social debates about the nation, communities, families and individuals, and how the use and abuse of beliefs about the past can be used to inform debates about the future. Topics covered include: An introduction to Public History, heritage issues, national history, the role of museums and other public and private institutions devoted to preserving and presenting the past, and more generally the idea of the uses and possible abuses of history in Australia and elsewhere.

Assessment: On-line journal and contribution to on-line discussion: 30% + Essay (3000 words): 30% + On-line presentation (1500 words): 20% + "Practical task" (eg heritage study, archival or local museum study, oral history interview etc) (1500 words): 20% OR (optional for Graduate History Education students) A classroom teaching activity (1500 words): 20%

Contact Hours: On-line discussion (2 hours per week)

Prerequisites: An undergraduate degree with a major in History or permission.

Prohibitions: HSY3060, HYM4065

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