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Contours of Racial Thought (12 points)


Leader: Andrew Markus

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: Covers conceptualisation of 'race' in Western culture since Middle Ages, exploring conceptual difficulties in designating study in context of changing ideas of insider/outsider,'us'/'Other', examining specific 'moments' in development of European thought: basis of anti- Semitism in medieval period; ideas of purity of blood in 15thC. Spain; Valladolid debates and uses of biblical/ Greek thought;17thC.justifications of slavery in American colonies;18thC.taxonomies of human types; polygenesis and the 'American school'; Gobineau and the new racial paradigm; impact of romantic thought; Ernest Renan, Franz Boas and concept of 'culturalism'; racial thought in late 20thC.

Assessment: Seminar paper (1000 words): 10% + Research essay (5000 words): 60% + Take-home examination (3 hours): 30%

Contact Hours: 2-hour seminar per week

Prohibitions: HYM4500, HYM5500

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