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Witchcraft in the European Mind, 1400 to the Present (6 points)


Leader: Liz Kent

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: This unit provides an overview of the causes of the early modern European witch hunt, particularly as they relate to gender and to popular forms of community. The unit begins with the late medieval witchcraft trials and follows the history of the European prosecution of witches through the peak period 1560 to 1680, and examine the process of 'witch hunting' and the social functions it served. Students will examine the decline of witch hunting and look at the variety of ways witchcraft beliefs survived into modern times. Students will be asked to view modern examples of witches and witchcraft and to pose the question of how modern beliefs pose a continuity with the past.

Assessment: Major research essay (2500 words) 50%; + Primary source project (500 words) 20%; + Class test (1 hour) 20%; + Class participation and presentation 10%

Contact Hours: One 1.5 hour lecture/workshop

Prohibitions: HSY3255

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