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Fears and Fantasies: Deviance in History (6 points)


Leader: Bree Carlton and Jessica Lee-Ack

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit will focus on different historical episodes and panics to explore conceptions of social order, deviance and threat in different contexts. Using a range of sources, the unit will examine such topics as European and American witchcraft; 'lunacy', disease, disability and the 'freak'; moral panics over sexuality, juvenile delinquency and political deviance; and criminality, punishment and incarceration. The unit will explore the role of fears and fantasies in the development of structures of power and authority, deviance as a focus for political mobilisation and protest, and the connections and differences between deviance, transgression and resistance.

Assessment: Group project and tutorial presentation(1000 words): 30% + Research essay (2500 words): 50% + Examination (1 hour): 20%

Contact Hours: 2-3 hours of lectures and tutorials per week

Prerequisites: A first-year sequence in History or permission

Prohibitions: HSY3050

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