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Southeast Asian History (6 points)


Leader: David Schmitt

Gippsland Second semester 2004 (Day)
Gippsland Second semester 2004 (OCL)

Synopsis: This unit examines the region of Southeast Asia during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It considers the impact of colonisation, the development of nationalism and independence movements and the quest for modernisation during the post colonial period. The unit takes as its focus the nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The themes examined include the long-term impact of geography on the region; the importance of religion in determining the nature of Southeast Asian cultural forms; and the impact of imperialism and colonisation on these nations.

Assessment: Mapping exercise (1000 words): 20% + Essay (1500 words): 30% + Examination (2 hours): 50%

Contact Hours: 2 hours per week (one 1-hour lecture, one 1-hour tutorial)

Prerequisites: HPL1503 HPL1504 or equivalents

Prohibitions: GSC3502, HPL4508

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