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Digital electronics II (4 points)


Leader: R Perera

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: Digital circuits - comparison of and interfacing between integrated circuit logic families (TTL, ECL, MOS etc). Sequential circuits including semiconductor memories, design of sequential circuits (shift register, synchronous and asynchronous counters, pulse and timing circuits. Microprocessors and microcomputers - assemblers and cross assemblers, parallel and serial input/output, interrupt systems, vectored and polled interrupts, programmed I/O operations using handshake, direct memory access with 8 bit 68HII microcontroller.

Assessment: Examinations: 60% + Laboratory: 30% + Assignments: 10%

Contact Hours: 26 lecture/tutorial hours and 26 laboratory hours

Prerequisites: GEG2533 or GSE2303

Prohibitions: GEG3533

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