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Construction practice (4 points)


Leader: C Medhurst

Gippsland Second semester 2003 (OCL)

Synopsis: Plant and equipment: compressed air services, excavating tools, rock drilling tunnel plant, hoisting and conveying equipment, concreting plant, form work, scaffolding welding, selection of plant, safety. Construction methods: preliminary works, drilling and blasting, open excavation, shafts and tunnels, preparation of foundations, piled foundations, timber and concrete construction, steel structures, prestressed concrete, roads and runways, dams, bridges, harbour and river works, estimating materials and costs.

Assessment: Examination: 60% + Assignments: 40%

Contact Hours: 26 lecture hours and 26 tutorial/field trip hours

Prerequisites: GEG2313 or GSE2201, GEG2323 or GSE2202

Prohibitions: GEG3353

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