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Fluid mechanics (4 points)


Leader: L Soste

Gippsland Second semester 2003 (Day)
Gippsland Second semester 2003 (OCL)

Synopsis: Properties of Newtonian fluids. Pressure calculations, static forces on submerged surfaces. Fluid motion. Momentum equation. Energy equation for steady state incompressible flow. Flow measurement. Energy input at pumps and fans, energy grade lines. Energy conversion and fluid power. Introduction to pressure transients. Analysis of pipe networks. Extension of boundary layer concepts to introduce drag and lift forces. Introduction to open channel flow.

Assessment: Four laboratory reports throughout the semester: 40% + A literature review in an area of fluid mechanics: 10% + Examination (3 hours, open book): 50%

Contact Hours: 12 hours of lectures, 13 hours of supported self-learning, 26 hours of tutorials and laboratory work

Prerequisites: ENG1201

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