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Introduction to reproductive endocrinology (12 points)


Leader: Associate Professor D Robertson & Dr M Hedger

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: A theoretical and practical background to reproductive endocrinology. General organisation and regulation of the reproductive endocrine system, hormones produced by the pituitary, hypothalamus, ovary and testis and their respective interactions, their regulation and mode of action and the role of growth factors are covered. This unit provides an understanding of scientific investigation, the ability to critically evaluate developments in the reproductive sciences and discussion of the ethics involved in human and animal experimentation. Basic laboratory skills, tissue culture, reproductive endocrinology statistics are taught.

Assessment: Open-book written examination (1.5 hours): 50% + 3 written practical class reports: 50%

Contact Hours: This unit is conducted over six weeks in the first semester. For the first five weeks, students are required to attend eight one-hour lectures and two full day (8-hour) practical sessions each week. It is expected that all students, including part-time students, attend all the lectures and practical classes from Week 1 to Week 6 inclusive.

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