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Field Studies in Regional Sustainability (6 points)


Leader: Dr Priya Rangan

Clayton First semester 2003 (Flexible)
Clayton First semester 2004 (Flexible)

Synopsis: This unit explores the concepts of regional development and sustainability, and draws attention to the practical constraints and issues associated with translating such concepts into regional policy and practice. Field-study takes place in South Africa and includes focus on topics such as: effects of commercial agriculture on soil and water quality; transnational water-sharing and flood management; ecotourism and conservation in nature parks; urbanisation, transportation and migration in environment-industry corridors; environmental education, health, and local ecological management.

Assessment: Field-study journal (2000 words): 35% + Oral presentation: 20% + Final written report (2500 words): 45%

Contact Hours: Intensive field-based unit

Prerequisites: Preferably 12 to 18 points of human geography or permission

Prohibitions: GYM4330

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