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Electronics society and computers (4 points)


Leader: L Spriggs

Gippsland First semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: Historical and current developments in electronic technology are surveyed to develop a perspective on the direction technology is taking, factors driving technological change and socially desirable future directions for change. Key technologies are discussed: communications (eg. ISDN, networks, optical fibre), computers (eg semiconductors, software, PCs, parallel processing), automation (eg CAD/CAM, robotics, AI), information (eg. mass storage, expert systems, hypermedia). Impact on social interaction, structure and instructions (eg. family, schools, work, property) are explored and students are stimulated to consider ethical, social and economic criteria in assessing impacts.

Assessment: Seminar: 25% + Assignments: 35% + Case study: 40%

Contact Hours: 26 lecture hours, 26 laboratory hours and 26 tutorial hours

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