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The Dynamic Earth Ii: Global Geological Cycles (6 points)


Leader: Dr Steve Beresford

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: Global geological cycles include global climate (ice ages, global warming and atmosphere evolution over geological time), geochemical cycles (C, S and Sr) and causes, the formation and breakup of supercontinents, and cycles of life through time. It incorporates mantle dynamics addressing mantle structure, mantle chemistry, how the mantle interacts with the upper parts of the earth, and the role that the mantle plays in driving plate tectonics. Global metallogeny relates the formation of orebodies to tectonic events and discusses metallogenic epochs in the geological record.

Assessment: Examinations (2 x 2 hours): 50% + Practical examination: 15% + Practical/fieldwork: 35%

Contact Hours: three 1-hour lectures and three hours of practical/tutorial classes per week, and one 1 or 2 day field trip

Prerequisites: ESC1011 and/or ESC1022 or permission of head

Prohibitions: ESC2022

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