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The Dynamic Earth I: Building of continents and the environment (6 points)


Leader: Dr Steve Beresford

Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: An integrated understanding to processes that build and modify the Earth's crust is provided. The unit deals with four broad topics within a plate-tectonic framework. Volcanology: tectonic environment of volcanism. Earthquakes and seismicity: where and why earthquakes occur, earthquakes and imaging the deep structure of the Earth, and hazards. Mountain belts: where and how mountain belts form, tectonic history, and tectonic timescales. Basins: how basins form, sedimentology and structure of basins, palaeontology, and stratigraphy.

Assessment: Examinations (2 x 2 hours): 50% + practical examination: 10% + practical/fieldwork: 40%

Contact Hours: three 1-hour lectures and two hours of practical/tutorial classes per week, and two 2-day field trips

Prerequisites: ESC1011 and/or ESC1022 or permission of head

Prohibitions: ESC2011

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