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Environmental Psychology (6 points)


Leader: Dr. Peter Cock

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: The unit draws on the experience of the first peoples of the world, the hunter-gatherers, particularly in Australia and America. It examines how their experience with nature can reveal the possibility of a mutually enriching relationship between western socialised humans and Gaia. The work of deep ecology, ecofeminism, creation spirituality and Jungian psychology is drawn on to explore different environments as a source of psychological insight and well-being. The unit also examines the effect on our psyche of the built environment.

Assessment: Research report (2000 words): 35% + Book review (500 words): 10% + A journal: 20% + Three practical reports (500 words each): 35%

Contact Hours: 2 hour lecture/workshop per week and 2 day field trip

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