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In Other Worlds: Postcolonial Literature (6 points)


Leader: M Ackland

Caulfield Second semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: An intro to postcolonialism as a historical phenomenon and as a dynamic field of contemporary writing and theory. Texts deal with the Americas, Africa, the Carribean and Asia-Pacific region. They promote discussion of processes of inscription, cultural interaction and strategies for dominion, of the place of indigenous or minority groups, and the intersection of postmodernist and postcolonial dilemmas. Authors include Conrad, Rhys, Forster, Achebe, Liosa, Malouf, Pynchon and Kincaid. A feature of this unit is weekly theoretical readings which provide the focus for discussing a particular creative work, and so familiarise students with the usefulness and applications of specific theories.

Assessment: Seminar presentation (1000 words) and participation: 30% + Essay (1500 words): 30% + Class test (2000 words): 40%

Contact Hours: 2 hour seminar per week

Prerequisites: A first-year sequence in English, Literary Studies or Cultural Studies or permission

Prohibitions: ENH3800, CLS2800/3800

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