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Research in Specialist Curriculum Areas (12 points)


Leader: Associate Professor J Loughran

Clayton First semester 2003 (Evening)

Synopsis: Conceptions of quality in teaching and learning, assessment of learning outcomes and, integration of knowledge from various fields all shape what is commonly described as the curriculum. In this unit, these issues, along with an exploration of research methods for studying how curriculum issues are identified, clarified and worked through in particular subject areas and associated domains will be examined.

Assessment: Assignment 1 an essay (2000 words) on the topic "A significant researchable curriculum issue at an educational institution known to me": (15%) + Assignment 2 an essay (6000 words) on a topic to be negotiated with the coordinator in the field of curriculum research related to student's main EdD research interest: (70%) + Advanced reading assignments, and discussions based on ideas gained from the readings: (15%)

Contact Hours: 3 hrs per week

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