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Mime, Mask and Magic (6 points)


Leader: S Tweg

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)
Prato Summer 2003 (Off-campus)

Synopsis: The aim of this unit in the very rich field of Commedia dell'Arte is to develop students' critical awareness, understanding, and enjoyment, of a highly skilled traditional performance style and to provide a basic grounding in commedia theatrecraft. Sessions will cover such topics as variations between constructed narrative and improvisation within scenes, individual and ensemble use of language, special vocabulary for characters, the place of music in performance, movement, the significance of the mask, costume and makeup as signifiers, the construction of full scenarios, satirical content of lazzi, and the ongoing tradition of commedia in modern artforms.

Assessment: Workshop participation with written analysis (1500 words): 50% + Performance piece or design presentation with notes or essay (3000 words): 50%

Contact Hours: 2 hour workshop per week

Prerequisites: DTS1060 or DTS1160

Prohibitions: DTS3010

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