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Neurology and neuroimaging for the neuropsychologist ( points)


Leader: Mr Andrew Churchyard

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Students will be trained in the basic principles of clinical neurology, as they are applied to brain injured populations. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the latest techniques for imaging brain structure and function. The course will cover the basics of the bedside neurological examination, including assessment of the cranial nerves, and elementary perceptual and motor functions. Consideration will also be given to the impact of various neuropathological processes (e.g., aging and dementia, epilepsy, neoplasms, stroke, infections, metabolic disturbances) on neurological functioning.

Assessment: A one hour multiple choice/short answer written examination will be used to assess students' understanding of the basic principles of clinical neurology and neuroimaging (80%). Attendance at all seminars will be assessed, as will participation in practical sessions (20%).

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