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Bakhtin and Ethics: Beyond Structuralism (12 points)


Leader: Millicent Vladiv-Glover

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: The unit will move from a simple problem in the form of the question: What is Bakhtin's structuralism like? to a more complex relational question, namely: how does Bakhtin's version of structuralism (in particular his work on the philosophy of the act) relate to ethics and Western critical theory from the 1960s to the 1990s? The new perspective from which the Bakhtin material will be illuminated will thus take the investigation beyond Structuralism.

Assessment: Seminar paper (1500 words): 20% + Research essay (4500 words): 50% + Examination (3 hours) or an additional essay (3000 words): 30%

Contact Hours: 2 hours per week

Prohibitions: CLS3830, CRT4830, SLA4830

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