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Introduction to Cultural Studies (6 points)


Leader: Andrew Milner

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Continuing the work of CLS1010 this unit will explore a variety of contextual approaches to the study of literature, film and television. The unit will examine (a) different theoretical traditions in cultural analysis; (b) the interrelationships between culture and technology; (c) the social mechanisms by which popular culture is produced, distributed and consumed; (d) various critical approaches to the reading of literary, film and televisual texts. These issues will be pursued by way of a series of related 'creation' stories, from Genesis and Frankenstein to Blade Runner and the X-Files.

Assessment: One essay (2000 words): 40% + Examination (2 hours): 40% + Tutorial work: 20%

Contact Hours: 3 hours (2 x lectures and 1 tutorial) per week

Prerequisites: CLS1010

Prohibitions: PER1010

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