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Chemistry Honours Coursework (18 points)


Leader: Dr Don McNaughton

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: Students will take three core topics (as set by the School) and complete a total of six topics choosing the optional topics from a list of six. Each topic covers a specialised area of chemistry, for example, organic and inorganic spectroscopy, asymmetric synthesis, separation science, Nobel prize winners in chemistry, solid-state chemistry, computational chemistry, professional development etc. Each topic will require students to attend 8 lectures making a total of 48 lectures for the unit. Further information is available from the course coordinator and at a meeting held with prospective students during second semester of third year.

Assessment: Combination of examination and/or assignment (depending on the topic): 100% + Please consult the course coordinator about the assessment of individual topics.

Corequisites: CHM4100

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